Best Gardener in Bhopal

  • Service all garden equipment and machinery.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced gardeners .
  • Maintaining health and safety requirements.


We at TOB have well experienced gardeners who can perfectly maintain the beauty of plants, outdoor grounds, and tress in a garden.They can perform a range of general maintenance tasks including designing, producing, renewing and preserving outside spaces.

Why Tune-O-Brick?

Thorough knowledge of gardening and tools used in the same.

Work with hand tools and basic light machinery such as plant vehicles, and small diggers in maintaing your garden.

We at TOB, advise management on gardening.

Advise management on the costs of plants and garden necessities with detailed written quotations and reports.

Maintaining health and safety requirements.

Bhopal's best gardening team that provides excellent gardening solution and maintains health and safety requirements.

How It Works

Taking and understanding the specific requirement of gardening.

Maintain and grow the garden to ensure it meets specific requirements and expectations.

Meeting the requirement.

TOB ensures meeting the requirement and time commitment with dedicated pro-efficiency.

Service delivery.

Our cleaning professionals will get in touch and deliver the service.


TOB is a commercial construction and maintenance company that offers a variety of services in terms of building maintenance services in Bhopal. TOB was born from the need to service Construction and Shop fitting Limited client's in terms of after service, following a full fit out or refurbishment project. TOB can provide emergency services, property maintenance in Bhopal, building maintenance services, re-active maintenance, pre-planned maintenance, compliance testing, dilapidations and small works.

TOB is for each & every individual who needs any kind of service or solution. We would be grateful to serve anyone who calls us. We promise best building services and solution in Bhopal

Here in TOB we believe that providing solution/service is not just providing, its an art ! Serving like an Art is what makes us different from other service/solution providers.

In TOB, only the name TOB itself is new, the Team-TOB & our associates are serving in this field for many years and every single individual with us has a very long work experience and professionalism. TOB is full of professional Architects, interior designers, Civil Engineers..

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